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How do you change the community’s perceptions when you’re messing them about with noisy, inconvenient construction?

Bonnier Properties, who are currently building a huge shopping centre in Hornstull (the last undeveloped place) in Stockholm, Sweden, decided to create a social art installation to make the area just a little more tolerable during construction…

"The installation was created as a dynamic social forest that would add a new leaf every time someone walked by. If you want to stop and interact, each projection is linked to a Microsoft Kinect which allows you to connect with Facebook to create bigger community leaves… Very cool."

Would like to see this idea pushed further, with a mix of digital and physical art encouraging participation. Imagine what the possibilities could be?

~ Karalee

Interesting web behavioural insight: one second is all it takes to lose a sale before a user will click outside and go elsewhere. So if your site is taking too long to load, how many sales are you losing?

Perhaps another rationale for Australia’s NBN investment for business. The faster the tubes, the more sales?

~ Karalee


How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion In Sales

Research on U.S. Net habits suggests that if this sentence takes longer than a second to load, many citizens will have clicked elsewhere already. If you’ve got the patience (or are European) read on for more shocking data on not dawdling.

The food truck craze has officially hit Manila, Philippines by way of the Guactruck, a modern mobile eatery full of sustainable initiatives. The truck itself is a used delivery truck that has been outfitted locally with LED and energy-saving lighting.

Too bad this Filipino-Mexican food truck can’t swing its way elsewhere in the world for a peek at the truck and a chance to taste the delicious-looking food.

The design for the packaging is a creative solution to the wastefulness that most containers are today with it’s single cardboard, origami-inspired design. It’s made of biodegradable paperboard that is easy to recycle. Customers are encouraged to bring their used packaging back and will receive a free meal once they’ve returned 10. The packaging will then be sent for recycling. All of the cutlery used is made from cornstarch and biodegrades within 90 days.

More images here →

(via helloyoucreatives)


Quitting Is The New Mission Statement

“Take this job and shove it” just doesn’t cut it any more. At a time when jobs are scarce, it takes spectacular courage to quit one. Maybe that’s why we’ve seen a recent trend of people leaving their jobs with a grand flourish. Today it was now-former Goldman Sachs exec Greg Smith, who scorched the firm on his way out the door with a New York Times op-ed titled, “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs.” Yes, the new, smart way to resign now involves grabbing some attention from would-be next employers or patrons to your new startup, all while making the ex-boss think hard about the culture or direction of his business. That probably sounds about right to Generation Flux. And that’s why quitting is the new mission statement.


Brilliant as the agency is, PaperPlane, a street and guérilla marketing blog reports that the TAXI team has created a blunt, yet completely original PR stunt to draw attention to the app. The message here was to encourage drivers to use the app, or else the following just might happen to you. (via Incredible PR Stunt Sets a New Standard for Marketing Your App)